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Daisy Sweetfuck and her Mean Tambourine
17 October 2013 @ 01:01 am
 (OMG. I typoed "Dead Festividder" in the subject line. That .... is a ridiculously terrible omen.)

HELLO lovely vidder! I have not written a blog post in a really long time, but I would love to talk to you about vids! And fandoms! And other exciting things! (I also haven't actually vidded since 2011, so I am both excited and terrified about participating in Festivids for the very first time ever in my life. But that is neither here nor there. I am also drunk right now due to a work outing and a dude who kept ordering champagne for everyone. You should be pleased to know that I was informed by a reliable source, hello absolutedestiny , that Dead Dear Festividder litters letters are better when drunk. I seriously made those typos just now. So here we go!)

click here, dear festividder...Collapse )

Dear vidder, you are awesome for reading all the way through this. Seriously, whatever you make will be amazing, and I will love it because it's from you. So no worries. This is Festivids! I'm excited! Are you excited? LET'S DO THIS SHIT!

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Daisy Sweetfuck and her Mean Tambourine
Happy New Year, friends! May 2013 be a better year for you, in every respect, than 2012 was. (I feel this is a good wish to make for everyone, regardless of whether your 2012 was stellar or crappy.)

My 2012 was ... meh.Collapse )

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Daisy Sweetfuck and her Mean Tambourine
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Daisy Sweetfuck and her Mean Tambourine
24 September 2012 @ 09:31 pm
I don't know how I managed to exist in fandom this long without ever watching or reading Harry Potter. (I did see the first movie - and randomly, the fifth I think? with some friends - but remember nothing about either one.) And then about two months ago, I was in Tokyo waiting to board a very long flight back to the US, and completely out of the blue decided "YES. It is time now.", and downloaded alllllll the books onto my Kindle. Hee.

I have just finished Book 5, Order of the Phoenix! And I have Thoughts! Not very deep ones, but thoughts nonetheless! (I know most of the Big Spoilers, like who lives and who dies and who marries who in the end - because you can't be on the internet and NOT know that - but I know almost nothing of the journey itself, which is exciting.)

mah ThoughtsCollapse )

After I've finished the books, I plan to marathon all the movies over a weekend (or possibly two). Woo!
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Daisy Sweetfuck and her Mean Tambourine
06 September 2012 @ 01:06 pm
I have been badmouthing Twitter and Tumblr for AGES, y'all. I laughed at people who used either of those networks, bragged about how I wouldn't touch either of them with a 10-foot internet tube, and was so perplexed as to why anyone would care about tweeting or tumbling.

My, this crow sure is tasty. *noms*

I am now pipsqueaky on Twitter, and pipsqueaky on Tumblr, for those of you who care, heh. (And I'm sorry for laughing at you?) I'm not moving away from LJ/DW, just branching out. Besides, I hardly ever post here anyway so it's not like anyone will be able to tell the difference, LOL.

On a semi-related note, I am also trying to decide what to do with this blog.Collapse )

And just for fun -

How I finally joined Twitter: I went to VVC and people were posting to the #vividcon hashtag, and once I started checking it I couldn't stop. It was even better than reading post-con con reports! It was LIVE! And once I posted to it too, I was hooked.

How I finally joined Tumblr: All my Tumblr-loving friends kept showing me their own Tumblrs, filled with their own particular obsessions, saying "look at all the pretty pictures!" and it did absolutely nothing for me. I did NOT get the appeal. Then I decided to randomly surf through Tumblr one day out of boredom, and I found pictures of Jeremy Renner, and I said "OMG I CAN STARE AT COUNTLESS IMAGES OF JEREMY RENNER'S ARMS ON TUMBLR?!" Bless the internet.

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Daisy Sweetfuck and her Mean Tambourine
This is my "I went to VividCon" post. I went to VividCon! And it was awesome!

You will not find a detailed, hour-by-hour con report here - the type that says what I did and who I saw each day - because my attention span could never manage that, and I am slowly learning to tell myself it's okay to write one vague incomplete paragraph; I can make a post that just says one or two things rather than ALL THE THINGS, because I will never finish writing about all the things.

general impressionsCollapse )

vid recsCollapse )

random moments from the conCollapse )

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Daisy Sweetfuck and her Mean Tambourine
03 June 2012 @ 10:15 am
Hello, friends!

I have not posted (or even kept up with the flist very well) in many months, and I have lots of updates! But the mere thought of typing all that out is exhausting, so I shall simply ask you a Supremely Important Question.

Poll #1844570 Battle Royale

Who wins?

Jon Snow & Ghost
Benton Fraser & Diefenbaker

This question brought to you by a "Wolves" slot machine in Las Vegas. (It's been a fun weekend.) :D

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Daisy Sweetfuck and her Mean Tambourine
26 February 2012 @ 11:13 am
Yesterday I was strolling through the Boystown neighborhood, which (as you might guess by the name) is THE prominent gayborhood of Chicago. I stopped in a local bookstore, and as I was browsing, I turned a corner and found the gay and lesbian section of the store:

photosCollapse )

An ENTIRE ROOM of books! It was about one-sixth of the total store area. Which, of course, is awesome. (The lesbian-to-gay ratio was about 1:4, which doesn't surprise me given that I was in BOYStown, although there were all-inclusive subsections like "Gay and Lesbian Non-Fiction" so the ratio could have been even higher.)

Then, tucked away discreetly on one of the lower shelves, I found the bisexual subsection:

a saaaaad photoCollapse )

Three books. THREE. o.O

If I were good with words and speeches and stuff, I would use this as a jumping-off point for an essay about the invisibleness and/or outright scorn of bisexuality within the larger LGBT culture. But I am not good with words, so I will just point to these pictures and go "WTF?!" and make incredulous faces. At least they acknowledged that I exist?

And because I hate making posts that are entirely negative, here, have some pictoral evidence ofwhy I should NEVER be allowed back into CanadaCollapse )

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Daisy Sweetfuck and her Mean Tambourine
12 January 2012 @ 12:58 pm
HAPPY MORE JOY DAY, EVERYONE!!! \o/ ♥ \o/ ♥ \o/ ♥ \o/

I would like to start my More Joy Day post by thanking the creator of it, the amazing super delicious [personal profile] sdwolfpup. Five years ago she decided to do this one small thing in order to make the world a better place, and she invited others to participate; and now it's grown into a genuine phenomenon, and she's literally changed the world and I kind of worship her for that. :) SDW, you are the most loving, generous, kind-hearted, and wonderful person I know. You are at the top of my heroes list, not only for MJD but for just being your awesome self. You always look for the best in people, and that's such an inspiration. I love you more than I can say (and I don't say it nearly often enough).

(Aw man, now I'm crying at work as I'm typing this. Damn you, tears! Not allowed! THERE'S NO CRYING ON MORE JOY DAY!)

And now on to the next bit of joy! I have a little extra money laying around and would like to give it to a good cause. Comment here with the name of one of your favorite charities; the first 5 commenters will get $40 donated from me to the charity of their choice. (And I just realized that this will be cross-posted to both Dreamwidth and LiveJournal, so I'll use the first 5 comments overall from both sites. It might be 2 from DW and 3 from LJ, for example. Sorry if that makes it confusing!)

If you're not one of the first five, feel free to share your favorite charities anyway! I already do some charitable giving but would like to branch out and do even more; there's currently only a very small list of organizations I know about and trust, and it'd be great to expand that list.

I can't wait to read everyone else's MJD posts and be awed and inspired. :) Have a wonderful day, y'all! In conclusion, I give you Beeker's "Ode To Joy":

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Daisy Sweetfuck and her Mean Tambourine
31 December 2011 @ 03:44 pm
Happy New Year's Eve! I'm about to get all dolled up and head over to my best friend's apartment, where we will have pizza and chocolate fondue before heading over to Wicker Park to go drinking and bar-hopping like everyone else in this city is planning on doing tonight, hee.

I've been feeling anxious about 2012 for a number of reasons, but I'm turning over a new leaf in my attitude towards life, the universe and everything. I've been a bit melancholy the past several months, and it's time to change that. I made a bunch of resolutions - a tradition I don't normally take part in - that are really exciting and inspiring to me; some are general and some are really specific, but essentially they all boil down to "look for the good in everything and everyone" and "your life is what you make it, so make it what you love". And also "use your gym membership, dumbass".

I made a playlist this morning for the start of the new year; fresh starts and looking forward and leaving the darkness and other optimistic things (it is also specifically tailored to me and my Issues but whatever). I've been listening to it on repeat and it's making me quite happy. So here, have some music!

"2012: Into the Light"
  1. OneRepublic - "Good Life"
  2. Florence + the Machine - "Shake It Out"
  3. Nada Surf - "Concrete Bed"
  4. Rhett Miller - "Brand New Way"
  5. James Taylor - "Another Day"
  6. Josh Ritter - "Empty Hearts"
  7. Guster - "Bad Bad World"
  8. Vienna Teng - "The Atheist Christmas Carol"
  9. Jimmy Eat World - "Chase This Light"
  10. Norwegian Recycling - "Miracles"

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